Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nails Inc. Connaught Square Swatch

Hello once again!
I apologize for my temporary hiatus. Unfortunately I've been having a bad week, but what do you do? In my opinion life is a cycle. Bad things happen so you don't take the good things for granted. Today I comforted myself by buying a new polish and hanging out with some old friends. The polish I got was Purple Yourself Together by Nicole by OPI. It's a target exclusive and I love it! I just painted it on my toes :)

However, today that is not what I am showing you guys! Today I have a polish by Nails Inc., Connaught Square. It is a gorgeous 3D glitter. The base is primarily a bunch of blue glitters and then mixed with that is a bunch of larger, purple glitters. Application is rough and gritty, but it's supposed to be 3D, so that adds to the texture. It had pretty good coverage, but was not opaque in some spots so I used three coats. Check it out!

This polish was definitely a beast to take off. I am not a huge fan of glitters simply because of the extra work it takes to take it off, but I would say this color is worth it. I always caught myself staring at my nails!
What do you guys think?
Comments? Questions? Concerns?


  1. very pretty! i think i would go through the trouble too!

    1. mm I agree! Bloomsbury Square also by Nails Inc is also a gorgeous worth it glitter !