Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Glow

Hi again! I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Saturday :) 
I'm enjoying just relaxing and trying to get better. Lots of couch and pajama time!

Today I will be showing y'all Glow by Sally Hansen. Glow is a very appropriate name for this polish. It's a shimmery bright green, close to what I picture a sour green apple to be. It is soooo pretty and it has this golden sheen to it in certain lights that literally makes it "glow".


For my manicure, I used three coats so I could get a deeper green. Two coats would do the job though! This polish went on super smooth. I really like thicker brushes and this brush was a little bit thin for my liking, but nothing unmanageable. And here it is, Glow!

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I got Glow for 99 cents on Amazon at the same time when I purchased my Bundle Monster plates. I absolutely adore it! 
Next I decided to do a little stamping! I used Alpine Snow by OPI and for the plate, I used Bundle Monster plate BM19. I really like how it turned out! Check it out!

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So what do you guys think? Do y'all like Glow?
Comments? Questions? Concerns? Lemme know!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Daisies with China Glaze Ingrid

I was going to post this yesterday but I'm sick and just wasn't up to it. I'm even sicker today (lol) but I got some medicine and some more sleep and while I'm still awake, I figured I would post a little somethin' for y'all.

So like last time, we have another manicure by my sister! It's super cute! It wasn't perfect but I still think it looks great! I hope she keeps practicing so she can start drawing all kinds of things on my nails ;)
As her base coat, she used Ingrid by China Glaze. It's from the Vintage Vixen collection and I actually really like it. It's a subtle mid-brown creme with a gold shimmer in it. I will definitely be wearing it myself sometime soon. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of just Ingrid. Sowwy, next time for sure though!

After applying Ingrid, using a small paint brush, my sister drew the little white petals using Alpine Snow by OPI. Next, for the center of the flowers she dabbed a small dot of Thataway by China Glaze. Last but not least, she used a small brush to put a little splash of brown on the petals. The brown was Ingrid.
Check it out!

These pictures are all after a layer of Seche Vite.

So what do you guys think?
Concerns? Lemme know!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Revlon Scandalous ... or Facets of Fuchsia?

Hello hello!
So originally I was planning on showing you guys a different color, but after I saw this beauty, it was decided that I would wear it and blog it as soon as possible. I'm sure most of y'all have heard of Deborah Lippmann and have seen the stunning polishes she has made. A while back ago she came out with Bad Romance, a smoky black gelly filled with small purple glitter and larger purple hexagonal glitters. It. Is. STUNNING. Well, Revlon made their own semi-dupe and it was called Facets of Fuchsia. It was a limited edition polish and very popular. Recently though, Revlon released a new display and brought back two limited edition polishes under new names and are making them a part of their permanent collection! One of those polishes is Scandalous (previously known as Facets of Fuchsia). I must admit that this polish is freaking adorable.

I'm sure you can pick it up at almost any local drug store, I got mine from Walgreens. It cost me about $5.49 I think. I didn't go to Walgreens expecting to make a purchase but it was the last one they had and what can I say? It was love at first sight!

Scandalous: As I previously stated, this polish is freaking gorgeous. I have it on my nails right now and I absolutely can not stop checking them out. This polish is sexy and perfect for any night outing in my opinion. It's base is a dark, smoky gelly and it is filled with glitters. The glitters are striking against the black base. There are large, purple, hexagonal glitters, and then tons of smaller purple glitter. Even after three coats, the glitter was not hidden and stood out amazingly against the black. I do recommend at least three coats because the base is a tad sheer. After I did three coats, I had a few bald spots, but I easily managed to cover them up. The polish went on great, it was on the thicker side for me but I did not have many problems. Surprisingly, the large glitters did not fight me and move to the end of the nail. Most of them stayed in place which was very nice.
Let's check it out!

Artificial Lighting
Artificial Lighting
A suggestion: If you want the base darker, try layering Scandalous over a black polish! I almost started with a layer of Liquid Velvet by China Glaze, but decided to let Scandalous shine by itself.
Also, this polish does dry with a bit of a texture. I put only one layer of Seche Vite on top and can still feel some bumps so if that will bother you, consider a few layers of top coat.

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So, what do y'all think? Comments? Questions? Concerns? Lemme know!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

China Glaze Starboard and China Glaze Chiaroscuro

I'm back again! Just as I promised!
So, I have a twin sister and it's always been me who has had an undying love for polish. My sister always had a problem with long nails and the second they were long enough to be ripped off, she did just that haha. Well, recently she's been really good about letting her nails grow out and she's been playing with my polish or letting me do her nails. She said "it helps me stop making my nails stubs". I say "you're addicted! welcome to the cult!". Well, recently she went out and bought two new China Glaze polishes just so she could do a mani for herself. I thought it was cute so today I'm going to show it to y'all!

Starboard: This color is from the China Glaze Anchors Away Spring 2011 Collection. It's a leaf green creme and went on very smooth and was great and opaque in two coats. This color does not seem very "nautical" to me but it is a very lovely green nonetheless! I wouldn't say it's a dark green, nor a light green. It falls pleasantly in the middle and I wish my camera could have picked it up better. Oh well.

Chiaroscuro: What a name! Well this color is a sheer pinkish nude, almost maybe a little peach-ish. This color is definitely a shimmer and a teeny weeny bit frosty. There's something interesting about this one though, when in the light, it has a shimmer that flickers from gold to green. To me it feels like this little shimmery duochrome has a hint of about everything in it! Application wise, it IS sheer. I would say three coats would do the trick. Two might be fine as well if you don't mind having visible nail lines and the super sheer look. The application was great, just as usual when dealing with a brand like China Glaze. 

Let's check out my sister's mani!

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The stamp on the thumb was done using Bundle Monster plate BM15 and the top coat was Seche Vite. What do you guys think? My sister is a very talented artist on paper, do you think she has what it takes to be a nail artist?
Comments? Questions? Concerns? Lemme know!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

China Glaze Sweet Hook

I'm sooooooooooooooooo sorry I have not been around for awhile! It's been busy recently and I'm sure you all know that feeling. BUT! I have three manicures ready to be blogged so tonight I will get one of them up and then soon after that I'll get the other two up(:
Today I have China Glaze Sweet Hook from the Electro Pop Collection. Now when I say that I LOVE this color, I'm not even just saying it to express how much I like it, I literally love it. I love it so much that it rivals my love for China Glaze Coconut Kiss which has been my favorite polish hands down for years. Both colors are purple. Can anyone guess what my favorite color is? PURPLE! Hohohohohoh...

Anyways, Sweet Hook: If I had to compare it's texture, I would compare it to China Glaze For Audrey. Both are a muted color that apply great and are opaque within two coats. I would definitely say Sweet Hook is the purple For Audrey. It went on silky smooth and looked amazing! (until me being me, messed it up by forgetting to apply a top coat :( so I had to patch it up before I took pictures) But it is soooo pretty. It's a light purple that is close to being purplely-white. What is a good color comparison... lavender! It's a muted, lovely, lavender!
Check it out:  (and before I took these, I applied some cuticle moisturizer because mine are hideous in case you were wondering why they look wet lol)

Artificial Lighting


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Unfortunately, I never got around to pimping out these nails. However, very soon I do plan on using this color to make an awesome stamping mani! And when I do, it will be up here asap(: I already have some ideas churning in my little brain for it. So what do you guys think? Have y'all tried any other colors from the Electro Pop Collection? I'm interested in getting one of the blues from this collection.

Comment? Questions? Concerns? Lemme know!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Orly Close Your Eyes

Hey hey hey!
So today is Superbowl Sunday! Guess who I'm rooting for? The team who is currently winning! Whoo go team! Anyways, today I have for you Close Your Eyes by Orly.
(can anyone tell how much I like football? don't get me wrong... it's cool just not life altering for me.)

Close Your Eyes is a shimmery deep red. The base color is almost purple making the color look a bit like a burgundy. Application was just lovely! It went on smooth with no problems at all and was definitely opaque after two coats. Check it out!

Artificial Lighting

So since I was feeling a bit spirited, I decided to make this manicure Aggie themed. Sorry for all of y'all who don't live in Texas/are not Aggie fans. But for those who are or just don't care:

I did the letters using a close pin which I dipped in OPI's Alpine Snow. The stamp on my pinky is from Bundle Monster plate BM17. Although it is a bit sloppy, I'm still enjoying this manicure. To give the letters more spice, I painted some Stride Rite sparkly polish on top.

So all in all, I really like this. For my top coat and base coat I used OPI. I probably won't keep this on for more than one or two days longer and then I already know what I'm going to do next. I'll see y'all next time!

Comments? Questions? Concerns?