Monday, March 19, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix - Pull Me Close

Happy Monday!
Today I have one of the China Glaze Magnetix polishes, Pull Me Close.

This collection has six polishes and then there's a magnet you have to buy separately. It has three designs, diagonal stripes, a chevron, and a star. The magnet has a little ridge to place on your cuticle so the magnet doesn't touch you nail. To me the magnet was a little bit weak. It was my first time using magnetic nail polish and I didn't get the hang of it for a good bit and redid quite a few nails. Since the magnet was weak, the design didn't curve around my nail. It only was on the top. I even tried rolling the magnet around my nail but it was like I couldn't do it fast enough.
Application wise, it went on smooth! Pull Me Close was very opaque and after one coat looked fine. It was a  blue-gray polish and the design turned very dark. It was very cool and striking against the lighter base.
Check it out!

Left to Right
Diagonal, Chevron, Star

These were after a few days of wear so excuse the chips at the end /:
These were the three nails that worked the best for me. I thought they showed the design well and didn't look like utter crap. As you can see, the design doesn't bend around my nail.
Oh well. I'm semi-disappointed but I plan on trying again!
The things I'll do different:
  1. Put on one thin layer. Let it dry. Apply another layer and THEN use the magnet.
  2. Move faster.
  3. Wish for good luck!
  4. Take pictures before they're messed up :)
I'll let y'all know once I try again.
Has anyone else tried this collection? Any thoughts?
Comments? Questions? Concerns? Let me know!

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