Sunday, March 18, 2012

butter LONDON Knackered swatch

Hello hello!
I know I kind of suck at posting regularly. I really am sorry! I do have a busy life and this week was pretty hectic. I've been working A LOT. I had a closing shift yesterday and I was planning on coming home and making a post... but that didn't happen. Not only was I called into work three and a half hours early... I didn't get off of work until 3 AM. Yes. THREE IN THE MORNING. So I had a thirteen hour shift... I was miserable. Today they ended up letting me off early because I was zombie like and talking to myself. I may have over exaggerated a bit on acting like a zombie ;) but I'm home and happy and blogging now!

butter LONDON Knackered.

Love. LOVE. love. LoVe. lOvE. LOOOOOOVE. 
I don't even know how to describe this polish ... butter LONDON described it as "a sheer, twinkling oyster shade flecked with micro glitter particles." Yeah. I can see that, but I feel like it's so much more! This is definitely a duochrome polish and it flashes many different colors in different lighting including blue-greens, pink, purple, silver, and blue. Also, the littler glitters in the polish all twinkle like a rainbow! Every time I look at my nails I'm like ooooOOoooOoooOoOoO *drool*. 
Oh and, I have a watch with a black mother of pearl face, this polish reminds me of it!
Take a look!

These are all inside with artificial lighting. Excuse my poor cuticles. See the green on the sides of my nails? And look at the little sparkles making a rainbow!

Look at all that green!

Can y'all see that pink a little bit? It shows up the best in lower lighting.
Application for this was great. It went on like butter (dohoho). It was super sheer and I used three coats.

Now here are some pictures in the sun!

This picture shows the silver and blue really well!

Here you can see the purple! Purple is my favorite color <3

Mmm I see a lot of blue/purple here!

Lovely, right?

This polish was a must have the minute I saw it. I got it at Nordstroms for $14 and it was part of butter LONDON's new spring/summer collection. What do you guys think? Next I'm going to try this polish over black. I saw that combination and it looks dreamy!

Comments? Questions? Concerns? Let me know!

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