Sunday, March 4, 2012

China Glaze Mommy Kissing Santa

Hey guys!
Today I have another manicure by my sister!
As her base coat she used Mommy Kissing Santa. It's a deep red with a lovely shimmer. From personal experience, I know it goes on velvety smooth. It's quite pigmented and looks great with two coats. It's from the 'Tis the Season To Be Naughty And Nice Collection from winter 2010. That collection had a lot of beautiful colors in it. They weren't all super unique, but lovely none-the-less.

I really liked how the manicure turned out, but we took pictures of it kind of late. (so late that she was about to take it off for her next manicure). If you can see the little chips on the edge and they annoy you, so sorry. :(
But here it is!

Weird Sunlight
For the crescents on the top of her nails, she used Bring On The Bling by OPI from the Burlesque collection. To make the crescent, she used a small paint brush.

Comments? Questions? Concerns?
Tomorrow is my review!

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