Monday, January 30, 2012

Finger Paints Artist's Sapphire & Pure Ice A List

Hello again!
Long time no see, hmm? I'm actually pretty proud of how consistent I've been in the last few days! I'll try to keep it up, but no promises! I live a pretty busy life and I have a lot to do everyday as I'm sure a lot of people do so y'all should understand.
Today I worked with Finger Paints Artist Sapphire and Pure Ice A List.

Artist's Sapphire: Honestly? Mine was crap. I guess after sitting on my shelf long enough and not getting it's needed amount of TLC, it just died a little bit on me. I did my best to make it work of course, but I will definitely be searching for a way to make it thinner. Other than that, it was great! It went on... smooth as I expected it to in that condition and the color is beautiful. It's a navy with a lovely subtle shimmer. After two coats, it was a done deal. I would definitely say if you're looking for a good blue, Artist's Sapphire might be for you.

A List: I'm pretty sure this isn't a brand that's seen a lot on nails. If I remember correctly, you can pick one of these babies up for pretty cheap at any Walmart. It's application was flawless though. It went on smooth and within two coats, I was a happy camper. Or polisher. It's a classic shimmery silver that almost has a blue hue to it, and it works great for stamping!

Check it out!

Artificial Lighting

So after this, I moved on to some nail art! I used Bundle Monster plate BM20. The only regret I have about this manicure is that I wish the stars could have been a wee bit smaller so more could fit on the nail, but beggars can't be choosers right? Right!
(I know I'm NOT a professional. And yeah all three of these pictures look pretty similar and that is EXACTLY why I put all three up! I couldn't decide which were the best so they all got to make their debut)

Artificial Lighting

So! Comments? Questions? Concerns?
See y'all next time!

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