Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chine Glaze Sexy Silhouette

Hello hello!
I'm pretty fond of the color I have for you guys this time! The color is Sexy Silhouette by China Glaze!

It is a beautiful bright fuchsia. After about two coats it's fine, but it is slightly sheer to the point where I could see my nail line underneath. That (and the fact I fell asleep right after painting and got scuffs and scratches on them) caused me to use three coats. I don't wear pinks a lot but I LOVE this one. It also has a subtle shimmer that is amazing. Sexy Silhouette is one of the core colors available at Sally's now, but it was originally from the Fashion Lounge collection. Check it out!

Artificial Lighting


So of course after I painted my nails this color, I had to spice it up a little bit(:

Artificial Lighting

On my pointer finger is the lovely Flurry Up! from Sephora by OPI. On the other three nails, I used these cute little decals my twin got me for Christmas a year or two ago. I was originally going to stamp my nails but then she requested I should use these so, I did! They are ridiculously easy to apply and I know they stay on quite well and for good periods of time from my previous experiences wearing them. You just take them off the sheet and plop them on! BUT BEWARE: once they're on ... they're usually ON. for good. I'm slightly clumsy with my hands so I'm always careful to be ... careful haha. And if you're wondering what they are...... they're these:

And yes, they were from Sally's Beauty Supply. So, what do you guys think? 

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