Friday, January 27, 2012

Ew ... Bundle Monster

Hello hello!
I know it's been awhile.. and I had this manicure ready last weekend, I just never took pictures of it until a few days ago. I really liked it at first, but as one day turned into two... I started to really dislike it. Just take a looksie for yourself:

No Flash/Artificial Lighting for Both

The base is two coats of OPI Alpine Snow. 

The other nails have Avon's gunmetal. This color is a gunmetal (lol) grey complete with tons of little shimmers in it. It's an awesome color and it goes on great and even one coat still looks awesome and shimmery and smooth. I'll swatch it one day for you guys(: 

On my ring finger I have OPI Yodel Me On My Cell. Yodel Me On My Cell is a beautiful royal blue. It's shimmery and has a bit of green in it making it look a bit aqua. I'll swatch this one one day as well!
I wanted you to see the name and the color haha

On top of all the nails, I have New York Color 101A. This nail polish is so old that I actually have no idea what the name is other than 101A on the bottle. It actually ended up tinting my nails a bit yellow and as seen on the pinky, I smeared o: 

There was no top coat on this manicure. I never got around to it and eventually I just HAD to take it off. The plate I used what Bundle Monster's BM16. I hope you guys liked this manicure more than I did ! Comments ? Concerns ? Questions ? Lemme know! See y'all next time!

PS sneak peak at next time: can anyone say China Glaze For Audrey ?

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