Friday, February 24, 2012

Daisies with China Glaze Ingrid

I was going to post this yesterday but I'm sick and just wasn't up to it. I'm even sicker today (lol) but I got some medicine and some more sleep and while I'm still awake, I figured I would post a little somethin' for y'all.

So like last time, we have another manicure by my sister! It's super cute! It wasn't perfect but I still think it looks great! I hope she keeps practicing so she can start drawing all kinds of things on my nails ;)
As her base coat, she used Ingrid by China Glaze. It's from the Vintage Vixen collection and I actually really like it. It's a subtle mid-brown creme with a gold shimmer in it. I will definitely be wearing it myself sometime soon. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of just Ingrid. Sowwy, next time for sure though!

After applying Ingrid, using a small paint brush, my sister drew the little white petals using Alpine Snow by OPI. Next, for the center of the flowers she dabbed a small dot of Thataway by China Glaze. Last but not least, she used a small brush to put a little splash of brown on the petals. The brown was Ingrid.
Check it out!

These pictures are all after a layer of Seche Vite.

So what do you guys think?
Concerns? Lemme know!

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