Saturday, February 18, 2012

China Glaze Sweet Hook

I'm sooooooooooooooooo sorry I have not been around for awhile! It's been busy recently and I'm sure you all know that feeling. BUT! I have three manicures ready to be blogged so tonight I will get one of them up and then soon after that I'll get the other two up(:
Today I have China Glaze Sweet Hook from the Electro Pop Collection. Now when I say that I LOVE this color, I'm not even just saying it to express how much I like it, I literally love it. I love it so much that it rivals my love for China Glaze Coconut Kiss which has been my favorite polish hands down for years. Both colors are purple. Can anyone guess what my favorite color is? PURPLE! Hohohohohoh...

Anyways, Sweet Hook: If I had to compare it's texture, I would compare it to China Glaze For Audrey. Both are a muted color that apply great and are opaque within two coats. I would definitely say Sweet Hook is the purple For Audrey. It went on silky smooth and looked amazing! (until me being me, messed it up by forgetting to apply a top coat :( so I had to patch it up before I took pictures) But it is soooo pretty. It's a light purple that is close to being purplely-white. What is a good color comparison... lavender! It's a muted, lovely, lavender!
Check it out:  (and before I took these, I applied some cuticle moisturizer because mine are hideous in case you were wondering why they look wet lol)

Artificial Lighting


Artificial Lighting

Unfortunately, I never got around to pimping out these nails. However, very soon I do plan on using this color to make an awesome stamping mani! And when I do, it will be up here asap(: I already have some ideas churning in my little brain for it. So what do you guys think? Have y'all tried any other colors from the Electro Pop Collection? I'm interested in getting one of the blues from this collection.

Comment? Questions? Concerns? Lemme know!

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